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Income Gateway

Doing Business both online  and offline can be difficult if you don’t have access to some Business Tools and Resources that enhance business success. This is one of the major thing you gain access to by being a member of Income Gateway Business Membership website.

You have 3 major things to gain by joining this Business Membership Website:

Firstly you have access to Business Ideas, Tools and Resources that will enhance your Business success. These Tools, some of them there price can be very high, we have paid for them and you can have access to all of them by just being a member.

Secondly, every member have opportunity to register as an affiliate to the membership website and promote it to earn 50% commission. We believe that what people stand to gain compared to what they will pay to join is a good reason why promoting this membership website will be a positive and profitable venture. After you register and become a member you will see a link to register as an affiliate in the member page.

Thirdly, by being a member you have opportunity to collaborate with other members and promote your product/service to them. Our first target is to get one million membership, so you will have enough people to promote your product/service to as we will always encourage all members to patronize one another. In your member page you can set up your profile page with your profile pictures and promote what you do.

This is one of its kind in Nigeria and you have opportunity to come in now while the membership fee is low. The Membership fee is N5,000, this may increase soon as the value of what you will have access to is over N650,000 if you want to go and get them yourself.

You can click here to visit the IG Resources  to go through some of the list of these Tools and Resources you will have access to when you become a member.

Click below to Register and you will be directed on how to pay the  N5,000 membership fee. Note, your membership will not be activated until your payment is confirmed.