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Mobile Apps And Games Creation And Monetization

Who else want to learn how to create Mobile Apps And Games without programming skills  and start to make money with google ADMOB the right way …

“Get our step by step guide that many have used to create and monetize Mobile Apps & Games and published them on App store without any programming skill.”

 Join The Mobile App And Game Revolution And Be Part Of The Multi Billion Dollar Mobile App Riches…

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 Are you looking for how to create  and publish your own Mobile App and Game without needing to trouble yourself of learning programming skill, then you are in the right place. By the time you gain access to this package you will have both the guide and tools to create your own App and Game within 60minutes. If what you have is only basic computer knowledge, you can create your own App and publish it google play within a short time.

It is no more news that Apps are taking over the way we relate and do business. Research shows that people relate and engage with Apps three times more than they go to the internet, I will rather use my GTB App to do my transactions than to go to their website on the internet to do them.
You can tap into the multi million dollars App creation riches by learning how to create and monetize Apps.

Wisemove Busness Concept is one of the Nigeria leading App creation training firm. We will guide you on how to create an App from beginning to the end and have it published on the google play store, ipad, iphone, and Amazon.

These are some of what you will learn …

  • What are different Apps that can be created
  • How to search for the right app to create
  • App creation/Development platforms
  • How to create different types of Apps and Games
  • How to download, backup and restore your apps
  • How to published your app to google play store, iphone, ipad and amazon.

How to monetize your Apps …

  • Admob- Admob is google reward program, you register with them for free and get a banner and place it on your App. These are the banners and adverts you always see around the Apps when you are using them. You make money from impressions and also from clicks.
  • Affiliate Programs – You can get affiliate links from anywhere e.g Konga, Jumia and place it on App, when people go to those website from your App through those affiliate links and buy any thing you make good money. An example is one of our Apps, FitMax, this Apps is on fitness and weight loss, we are promoting clickbank product on it and we make money through clickbank affiliate commission.
  • Personal Use – You can create an App around your product or vision/passion and be using it to market that product. There is what is call Push Notification, you can send a message and everyone that have downloaded your App will receive it, you can use this to introduce a new product to them.
  • Render Service – You can help people to create App and make good money from it as a lot of people are looking for how to create App for their businesses and companies.
  • Training- You learn how to create App and make good money by teaching people how to make Apps and charging them some money for that effort.
  • Converting website/blog to App- You can make good cash by helping people to convert their website to App, so that they have the App version of their website. Lots of people are looking for people who can do this for them now.
  • Create and Sell- You can create a good app and sell it to individuals and organizations that you know will need it. You can also sell your App on website like People creates like three Apps a week and sell them at an average of $100/$200 each at Flippa.

You Can Be Part Of Our Special Discount Today…

Lot of money you will make after having access to this knowledge. The normal price for this package is N6,000, but we are running a special Discount, so with N2,000 you can have access to this package today. The offer may go down any time. You can get it for N2,000 if you are fast because any very soon it goes back to N6,000.

Our Three Special Bonuses ! …

We are sure some people will order for this package because of these Bonuses, bacause they are high priced important and effecient tools. We just decide to give them out to some few smart people who will appreciate their values before will bring it down.

  • Special Bonus #1- WhatsappSenderPro  with Master KeyGen  – This is a special Whatsapp marketing tool that helps in getting targeted traffic from whatsapp. This comes with Master KeyGen.($200)
  • Special Bonus #2- InstaBuilder 2.16- – This is a special one-pager website creator, every serious internet marketer must have a copy.($197)
  • Special Bonus #3- WPForms – Used in creating order form in wordpress.($199)

            Bonus #1                    $200         

            Bonus #2                    $197

            Bonus #3                    $199

            Total                               $596

You can’t compare what you are paying with the value you are getting. Imagaine $596 X N360 = N214,560. That plus the main package is what you are getting today for just N2,000.

  Right Now, On This Page, You Can Have Access To Mobile App And Game Creation  Package At The Discount Price… If You’re Fast Enough…


 How To Pay And Gain access 


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