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Below are some of our services, they are not conclusive, you can always contact us for whatsoever you wish to get done:

Creation and hosting of  a blog.
Creation of blog with 25 original articles.
Creation of responsive and professional website.
Creation of Online Store, ready to start making cash.
creation of Affiliate Store.
Creation of Drop Shipping Store.
Setting of a paypal account that can both send and receive payment.
Setting up of Adsense account.
Generating traffic to your blog or website.
Social Media set up and Marketing
Digital Marketing
Creation of Apps and Games and publish it on Google play store, apple and Amazon
Writing of Business Plan for different Businesses.
Registering of Business Name/Limited Liability/NGO etc  with CAC
Special Website design/blog set up training.
Special Online store/ Affiliate store training.
Special Drop Shipping store training.
Special Apps and Games creation training.

Special trainings and guides in setting up businesses enumerated in our Business Brain box.